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Head High vs Body High – What’s the Difference?

The Difference Between a Body High and a Head High

There are heaps of differentiators and factors in the cannabis world. Whether it’s differences in form, potency, strain, terpene/cannabinoid profile or even the different effects each product delivers, our team of Muses at Reverie 73 can help you choose what’s best for you. In this post, we’ll tell you a bit about the different types of highs that you may experience while enjoying cannabis. Some people prefer a specific type of high, while others like to switch it up depending on their mood. Understanding what is implied by each of these labels can help you make educated shopping decisions.

Just like strains are categorized as being CBD- or THC-dominant or a hybrid between the two, their effects are noted to produce either head or body highs, or a mix of both. Firstly, it’s important to understand what is happening in your body as you get high. Your brain is loaded with receptors, some of which are specifically meant to bind to cannabinoids. When you use cannabis, you’re introducing all sorts of cannabinoids to your system to bind with these receptors – the main two being THC and CBD. When the two pieces come together, they react and produce a specific effect – aka a head, body or all-over high.

So, what is a head high? Head highs affect your mental state more than your physical state, and their results are commonly noted as increases in focus, creativity, and even general happiness. Head highs are the highs that are depicted on TV and movies – people laugh more and find everyday activities more enjoyable. Effectively, head highs enhance your overall experience. If you’re looking to enjoy a head high, you should look at THC-dominant strains (commonly referred to as Sativa – read this to understand why we don’t always classify as indica or sativa). Since THC is the only psycho-active cannabinoid, it makes sense that if you’re looking for a mind-altering high, you’re going to want something that has a relatively high amount of it*.

Body highs are produced mainly by strains that are higher in CBD and can help to ease pain and anxiety, as well as increase your appetite and help you sleep. You don’t experience as many mental effects with a body high, but instead feel tension and pain melt away, sometimes even feeling heavy, within your body. People with anxiety or chronic pain, and even those undergoing cancer treatments or with seizure conditions, typically seek out body highs to relieve their symptoms. If you’re interested in finding a strain that delivers effects like these, you’re going to want to look at CBD-dominant strains*.

Most cannabis on the market today is a hybrid of THC- and CBD-dominant strains and therefore will give you a mix between a body and a head high. Even if the strain is largely CBD, it will still produce some form of a head high (just a curtailed version) if it contains even a low percentage of THC, and vice-versa.

*Shopping solely based on THC or CBD percentages is not always reliable. Think of it like you’d think of shopping for alcohol – you may want to feel the effects of alcohol while you enjoy your meal, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to order Everclear neat simply because it rings in at 95% alcohol. You’re more likely to enjoy the experience of drinking a 15% abv Cabernet with your steak, instead, because the interaction of the flavors between your food and drink adds a whole other level to the experience beyond the alcohol content. Similarly, we suggest that you shop for cannabis by looking at the entire profile of each strain, including its terpenes. Terpenes have effects of their own, and the interaction a strain’s terpenes and cannabinoids can completely alter your experience.