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Cannabis Infused Beverages

All About Beverages

What is a Beverage?

Cannabis-infused beverages, or drinkables, are the next big thing coming to the cannabis industry. Although they’re really only available as seltzers and sodas in the Massachusetts market right now, cannabis-infused beers, kombuchas, energy drinks and coffees are expected to arrive in the near future.

The Effects

Canna-beverages work similarly to how edibles work, though their effects are usually felt a bit faster than their food-based counterparts’ (usually ringing in around 30 minutes after you begin the session). Although they may kick in faster than solid edibles do, the effects of your drinkables will probably start to fade a bit faster, too. You’ll probably experience about two to four hours in which you can feel the drink working.

How They Work

Many people prefer canna-infused foods and drinks because the method of consumption is simple and already something they know how to do: eat and drink. As we always say, just remember to start with smaller doses of THC and see how the effects make you feel before increasing to a higher dosage. Because the cannabinoids in drinkables are absorbed through your small intestine, they can sometimes be felt more strongly than the effects of smoked flower or even concentrate are, depending on your body and genetic makeup.