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Best Cannabis Products for Beginners

New to Cannabis? We Can Help!

The rise in acceptance and usage of cannabis in the U.S. over the past few years has brought an onslaught of new technologies and consumption methods into mainstream canna-culture. For those who are new to the world of cannabis, or even those with experience who’ve taken a few steps back over the years, the modern dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. We don’t want this surplus of options to be an off-putting factor for you—cannabis should aid in your de-stressing process, not work against it.

Whether you’re looking for the scoop on some of our most popular products or some suggestions on where to start, our Reverie 73 team has your back. Below, we’ve compiled a few of our team’s favorite products for you to start out with, wherever you are in your canna-journey.

Flower or Pre-Rolls

The quintessential form of cannabis, flower is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to enter the cannabis space. Whether you’d prefer to pack your own pipes, roll your own j’s or pick up a few of our expertly-made pre-rolls, our team at Reverie 73 can help.

Why it’s great for beginners: flower is easy to use, low-cost, and has a lower potency compared to other forms of cannabis. There’s also barely any lag time between the consumption of flower and feeling its effects.


The tastiest option out there, edibles are a crowd favorite for a reason. Whether you’re craving ‘special’ sweets or snacks, or even one of your own homemade meals (created by using a tincture or cannabis-infused ingredients during prep), there’s something in this segment of the market for anyone. Our Reverie 73 Muses can help you decide what to add to your menu!

Why it’s great for beginners: most people would agree that taking a bite of a chocolate chip cookie is a more objectively enjoyable experience than smoking. Prior to the legalization and widespread availability of edibles, that dislike for smoking or the smell of burning flower turned some people off from cannabis altogether. Today, we can help you experience the effects of cannabis safely while also completely eliminating the need for you to inhale.

A note to remember—edibles are made using cannabis concentrates, which means that they are much stronger than flower. They also need to pass through your digestive system for their effects to take hold (unless they’re dissolved sub-lingually, as in the case of a lollipop), which can take up to two full hours. A good rule of thumb is to start low and go slow; wait a few hours after having one or two bites and see how you feel before taking any more.


Tinctures are a great option for beginners because of their low-profile consumption method and ease-of-use. They offer the same effects as other cannabis products without the need to eat, drink or inhale anything, and they are easy to transport and keep discreetly.

Many people also prefer using tinctures because a little bit goes a long way—simply place a few drops of the concentrate under your tongue and you’ll feel effects taking hold within a half-hour. As always, it’s important to remember that tinctures are made with a cannabis extract and are more potent than flower, so start low and go slow.

Vape Pens

If the smell or actual combustion of burning flower has been a turn-off for you in the past, using a vape pen may be a great alternative to try. These discreet, battery-powered devices use heat to vaporize the cannabis concentrate in the cartridge, meaning that there’s little-to-no smell and no lighters or torches needed for use.

The concentrate within these cartridges is potent and refined, meaning that you’ll only need a few inhalations from the vape to achieve the same results you’d get with lots of inhalations of flower. Our Reverie 73 Muses can help you choose which type and size cartridge is right for you!