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New Age Radio: 10 Podcasts to Enjoy During Your Next Session, No Matter the Vibe

While movies and music are always quality accompaniments to a session, sometimes you may just want to close your eyes and listen to a story. Enter: the podcast. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic fairytale or legend or you’d rather have a good laugh while learning about history or science, there’s a pod out there for you.

Here are some of our favorites:


For when you need a good laugh:

Getting Doug with High

Podcast host Doug Benson hosts this podcast during which he and his celebrity guest go through a Q&A session and a smoke session, all in one. The giggles are inevitable with this one.

Everything is Alive

In this unscripted interview show, improv actors take on the role of different inanimate objects and tell you their life story. Some of the characters featured include Martin, the Paper Towel Dispenser and Sean the Subway Seat.


For when you feel like laughing & learning:


In this podcast hosted by science consultant Alie Ward, scientists of all different specialties come on the show to answer what Apple podcasts describe as “stupid questions” and to tell you about their favorite aspects of their field.

Behind the Bastards

Behind the Bastards is a history podcast written and hosted by journalist Robert Evans that takes a deep dive into some of the “worst humans in history” and tells its listeners about some of the more unknown and, many times bizarre, aspects of their lives.


For when you’ve missed the latest headlines:

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

This hour-long weekly show hosted by NPR is a comedic celebrity panel show in which the guests take a current events quiz to see how much they – and the folks listening at home – know about what’s going on in the world and what isn’t.

Wine and Weed

Hosts Steelo Brim and Chris Reinacher smoke a joint and drink a bottle of wine in this weekly podcast where they talk through current issues and events.


For when you feel like learning something:

Stuff to Blow Your Mind

This podcast hosted by Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick is sure to leave your mind blown with their in-depth look into scientific marvels of the cosmos, evolution and your own human brain.

The Cannabis Enigma

When you feel like learning a bit more about what it is that you’re enjoying, the Cannabis Enigma may be the right pod for you. Doctors, patients and scientists come together to talk about medical marijuana, what it can do and to answer questions that haven’t been answered on a large platform before.


For when you want to leave this world behind for a little while:

Myths and Legends

This podcast tells you the folklore and traditional stories of people the world over. From the worlds of characters as well-known as Thor and Hercules to lesser-known tales of princesses and wizards, this podcast will make you feel like a kid again.

Hello from the Magic Tavern

HFTMT is a weekly podcast narrated by main character Arnie, who fell into another realm through a portal behind his local Burger King. Fortunately, this other world does have internet, so Arnie is able to host his show and tell us about his new home, Foon, and the magical creatures and people living there with him.