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Reverie 73 Muse Featured Strain: Sour Diesel

Reverie 73 Muse Featured Strain: Sour Diesel


First popular in the 1990s, Sour Diesel is a legendary sativa cannabis strain formed by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Also known as “Sour D” and “Sour Deez,” it has a euphoric, cerebral, and energizing effect while increasing creativity, enhancing focus, and boosting mood. Lovers of this strain know one of its distinct aromas is diesel, which pairs well with its pungent flavor profile. Oftentimes you may struggle when searching “Sour Diesel near me.” Thankfully, Reverie 73 is a convenient and reliable place to find this popular strain! 

Sour Diesel Overview

The history of Sour Diesel is storied and infamous, as it’s believed to have originated in New York City in the early 1990s. The facts around its genetic linkage are often debated, but we believe it’s created by crossing Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. This creation became popular because of its strong diesel-esque scent featuring hints of citrus and skunk, making it recognizable pretty much anywhere. 


If you’re in search of strains with a head high, you’ve come to the right place. Because it’s predominantly sativa, it’s generally great for creative and thoughtful activities, leaving users feeling energized and euphoric. Consumers have reported that it may help relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Because of these factors, it’s become a favorite strain among the cannabis community and as it has grown in popularity, it’s also become more widely available throughout the United States.

Sour Diesel Characteristics

Sour Diesel buds have a distinct appearance, aroma, and flavor profile contributing to their popularity. Typically, these cone shaped structures are vibrant green with bright orange or rusty red pistols throughout the bud. They also have a great deal of trichomes that cover the bud, providing a frosty appearance. It’s an extraordinary looking strain to say the least—and the uniqueness doesn’t stop there.


This strain is famous for its pungent, diesel gasoline aroma. Beneath this sharp scent are hints of citrus, creating a full-body, strong, earthy, and skunky smell. As you may be able to tell by its name, the flavor profile that comes along with this strain is sour and tangy on the inhale. The diesel undertone becomes stronger on the exhale, enhancing the complexity of the overall flavor. 


Effects and Usage of Sour Diesel

When it comes to the effects of Sour Diesel, many describe the experience to be lifting and cerebral, as the strain provides a strong head high. This stems from its tendency to stimulate the mind, providing a sense of mental clarity and alertness. It has a reputation for being great for social tasks that require inspiration, focus, creativity, and energy. Though Sour Diesel is predominantly thought to yield mental effects, it may also have an impact on the body as well, producing relaxation, comfort, and subtle pain relief for consumers.


In order to have the best experience with Sour Diesel, be sure to start low when it comes to dosing to gauge your tolerance. You can always add more later on! Choosing the right method of consumption is also an important factor. You can smoke Sour Diesel in a joint, vaporizer, or pipe, and consume it through edibles or tinctures, though these take longer to go into full effect. This strain may make users more social and talkative, which can be great for social gatherings or activities where you feel comfortable and safe; it may not be suitable for bedtime, for example. Lastly, for best results, remember to stay hydrated to avoid cottonmouth. Looking to learn more? Our team at Reverie 73 is happy to answer any questions you may have about how and when is best to use this strain.

What We Love About Sour Diesel

Many users have reported relief of anxiety symptoms, increased relaxation, and a sense of mental clarity that reduces stress after consuming Sour Diesel. In addition, users say it also provides temporary relief of symptoms associated with depression due to its uplifting effects. Users typically feel more motivated and focused while using this strain, claiming it increases creativity, inspiration, and energy. 


However, please note that Reverie 73 does not have doctors or medical professionals on staff. The effects of Sour Diesel can vary from person to person, so consult a healthcare professional before using this train to treat any ailments.

Sour Diesel at Reverie 73

With a mission to listen, explain, inspire, and delight, Reverie 73 is the perfect place for curious minds to congregate when looking to learn more about cannabis. Our commitment to quality and fair pricing is clear from the moment you enter through our doors. Browse our menu online to explore what Sour Diesel offerings are currently available.  

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