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Vape Pens & Cartridges

Many people today opt for vape pens or cartridges as an alternative to smoking flower. Similar to tobacco vapes, cannabis vape pens and cartridges are electronic devices specifically designed for vaporizing and inhaling cannabis products. They include a battery, heating element, and mouthpiece which all work together to vaporize the cannabis extract or concentrate


Over the past few years, vape pens have gained popularity as a small, discreet, and convenient way to consume cannabis on the go. Compact and stylish, these are essentially rechargeable, battery-powered vaporizers that work with pre-filled glass cartridges of concentrate to deliver results. 


Recently, cartridges have also become more popular and refer to the containers that hold cannabis oil or extract. Typically these cartridges come pre-filled with a specific type of cannabis concentrate, such as THC oil, CBD oil, or full-spectrum extracts which contain a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds. The cartridges often have a built-in atomizer or coil for heating the cannabis extract. They come in different sizes and capacities, and some are refillable, while others are disposable.

How Do Vape Pens Work?

Using a gradual increase in heat, the vape pen extracts THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids from the concentrates inside the cartridge. Like smoking, vaping allows for a quick onset of effects. It’s important to know that concentrates are much more potent than flower, so you’ll need fewer inhalations with a vape than you would with a pipe or pre-roll. 


Here’s the breakdown: the vape pen contains a rechargeable battery that provides power to the device. Attached to the battery is the cannabis vape pen cartridge that holds the cannabis extract or concentrate. The cartridge also contains an atomizer or heating element which is made of ceramic, quartz, or wick-based coils and is responsible for heating the cannabis extract and converting it into vapor. Some vape pens use a wick, often made of ceramic or cotton, to absorb and deliver the cannabis extract to the heating element. The pen is typically activated by pressing a button and inhaling on the mouthpiece.


The Benefits of Using Cartridges

Many of the reasons vape pens and cartridges (a.k.a. carts) have spiked in popularity are the same as those that cause any other piece of tech to become trendy: they’re efficient, easy to use, and stylish.

Easy to Use


Easy to Use

Most vape pens are about the size of a normal pen. And most of the batteries can be charged with a USB and charging block, just like your phone. Plus, the majority of cartridges and pens are 510 threads, so they’re practically universal.




Because of their compact design, portability, and discreteness, your vape pen can pretty much go anywhere you do (so long as it’s legal to smoke there, of course). They can fit easily in your pocket or handbag, and the batteries come in all sorts of colors and finishes, so you can practically have one to go with every mood!




Since vape pens work with pre-filled cartridges of THC/CBD concentrate, they’re much stronger than flower. This means that you can take fewer breaths from the pen than you would from a joint or pre-roll and experience the same effects. Compared to joints, vape pens also produce much less smoke and emit barely any scent.

Tips for Choosing Vape Pens & Cartridges

When choosing cannabis vape pens and cartridges, we recommend you opt for reputable brands that are known to be high-quality and safe. These can be found at Reverie 73! It’s also important to consider the type of cannabis extract or concentrate, including THC oil, CBD oil, full-spectrum extracts, and distillates. Once you try a few, you’ll be able to find your favorite. Also, be sure to take note of the potency of the cannabis extract in the cartridge, which is typically indicated as a percentage of THC or CBD. This determines how the vape pen will affect you. Some cartridges are strain-specific, offering different flavors, aromas, and effects associated with specific cannabis strains.


Quality and Safety

As with anything else you’re putting in your body, it is essential to ensure the quality and safety of the products you are using. At Reverie 73, we sell only the highest quality ingredients and brands that have tested their products rigorously. Everything we sell adheres to industry standards so you can rest assured that what you purchase is safe.


When purchasing a new product, ensure compatibility between vape pens and cartridges as different devices may have specific requirements or proprietary designs. It’s important to check the thread type and voltage compatibility in order to ensure the product will be used safely. Our Reverie 73 muses are always happy to help should you need any guidance in this department! 


Personal Preferences

Keep yourself in mind! After all, you will be the one using the product. Consider your individual preferences such as desired effects, flavor profiles, and potency levels when choosing cartridges. We suggest trying different strains and flavors to find the ones that best suit your tastes and desired experiences. Our muses are experts in the field and can definitely make recommendations.

Proper Usage and Maintenance

With proper usage and maintenance, your pen or cartridge is bound to last longer and provide a more enjoyable experience at optimal performance.


Cleaning and Storage


Vape Pens 

Don’t skimp on your cleaning routine! Start by disassembling the pen by removing the cartridge from the battery and ditching any removable parts. Then use isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth or cotton swab to wipe down the exterior in order to remove any dirt or residue. Next, clean the battery connection by inspecting the area for any build-up before wiping it down with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to carefully dry the connection as well as the other pieces before reassembling the pen. It’s important to store them in a cool and dry place to prevent leakage or degradation of the cannabis oil.



If you have a refillable cartridge, empty any remaining liquid or cannabis extract before cleaning it (if you have a disposable one, throw it away). Then, rinse the cartridge with warm water to remove any leftover liquid or residue. Be careful not to get any electrical connections wet! Next, detach the mouthpiece, if possible, and soak it in warm water before wiping it down with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Let both the cartridge and mouthpiece dry completely before reassembling. At this time, you can also refill the cartridge with your desired cannabis extract, and you’ll be on your way!

Visit Us at Reverie 73

At Reverie 73, we are always happy to help guide you to the best type of cannabis for your journey! Our muses are super knowledgeable and we love to educate, so please be sure to ask lots of questions. Check out our shop page to explore some popular types of vape pens and concentrates.